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Our law firm is committed to providing Tulsa and the surrounding metro area with highly effective legal representation in a wide range of areas including divorce, child custody, child support, legal separation and many other areas related to family law. Our divorce attorneys not only provide their clients with quality guidance but individualized attention.

Our Tulsa divorce attorneys understand the emotional and financial toll that naturally flows from divorce and child custody issues. We pride ourselves in trying to resolve most family law issues with negotiation, but understand that even some of the best negotiated cases will need to go to trial. Make no mistake, even thought our divorce lawyers try would rather use negotiation to resolve a case they have the experience and expertise to effectively represent the best interests of their clients. Whether those interests are protecting their relationship with their children or making sure the marital property is fairly divided.

Our law firm staff believes that each client’s needs are unique. Therefore one of our attorneys will set down with a client to evaluate their individual needs and goals to get a better understanding of what course of action is best suited for that client’s particular case. Our experienced divorce attorneys will work to develop a winning strategy best suited for your specific situation, whether it is divorce, child custody, child support enforcement or any other area of family law.

Many divorce attorneys in Tulsa take on so many clients that their client’s needs end up being neglected due to the heavy volume. Our attorneys intentionally represent a small number of clients so that no one who entrusted us with their important divorce and child custody matters is neglected. We understand that divorce or child custody issues are too important to not give them the individual attention they deserve.

We understand that there are many highly skilled divorce and child custody attorney near Tulsa that you can choose from, but understand that if you hire us to represent you in an upcoming divorce, child custody or any other family law related issue, our attorneys will dedicate themselves to giving you expert guidance and attention you deserve.

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