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        When couples with children divorce, an enormous question looms: What happens to the children? At the Law Office of John C. Huff, we understand that child custody and visitation arrangements today shape the relationships you will have with your children for years and decades to come. We take child custody and visitation very seriously, putting our skill and experience to work for you to establish a stable and secure future for you and your children

        At the Law Office of John C. Huff, PLLC, we understand that child custody and child support are often the most critical legal elements that arise in divorce. Many questions need to be addressed when establishing a child custody arrangement, including:

Where will the children live?
Who will make decisions regarding the education and healthcare of the children?
What happens if the custodial or non-custodial parent moves far away?
Will grandparents have visitation rights?
Who will pick the children up from school every day?

         A skilled Tulsa Divorce Attorney from our Firm can guide you through all stages of the process of establishing a child custody and visitation arrangement, and help you find good answers for these difficult questions. Life changes can alter these arrangements, and we will be here for you in those circumstances as well, to assist you with any modifications of orders that need to be made.

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